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Åsa/Sakura here. [Jul. 11th, 2006|12:59 pm]
Naruto RP!


Because I've been in a few other RP's before and helped mod a bit, I think we should tweak the application a little bit.

For Canon Characters:
LJ User name:
Contact Information (AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Email):

Character Applying For:
Example paragraph of 1st person writing:
Example paragraph of 3rd person writing:

I don't really think we should have the OOC option, because unless its a crack-RP it's generally not all that fun, especially when everyone else's character is in character. Examples of writing would be really good so we don't accidentally get a 'aNd NaRoO703 5kIpP3dz0reD dOwNz da 5tr33t...' posts. ^^v

For Original Characters (OC's)
LJ User name:
Contact Information (AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Email):

OC's Name:
Main Jutsu(s):
Backstory [this should include personality traits]:
Other things to note:

We already have a few OC's for this RP, and that's just fine and all but I'd really like to know their backstory. Just to kinda "get" them better. Also, the last Naruto RP I was in we had a bit of a problem at first with having too many OC's and not enough canon characters, so then we put in a rule that you have to play a canon character first and then they can apply for a OC.

Anyways, mods, sorry I couldn't contact you or anything but you weren't online. What do you think?

From: warpedbeing
2006-07-11 11:49 pm (UTC)
Yes, that's kinda what I was thinking with... We'll change it soon, and sorry you couldn't get to us... Usually I'm online, anyway. o_o

What I thought of OoC would be for this, would be like.... Gaara isn't a crazy psycopath bent on killing people cause he got no love when he was little. =| But, hey, that's just me. I'll ask about that.

Well, as for the canon or OC thing... Well, we only have a few right now. If they start multiplying like bunnies, I'll look into putting a cap on them.

And, I don't really have much else to say. =/ My brain is absolutely fried...
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From: warpedbeing
2006-07-11 11:51 pm (UTC)
Oh, right, and could you put that under an lj-cut? It's... slightly big.
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