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Random Stuff [Aug. 22nd, 2006|02:13 pm]
Naruto RP!
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Alright, the rules are on the user info. I'm sure you all know what this is about... The Naruto characters in the Feudal era! =D

In the Feudal era, much like today, where you are in society plays a big part on how you're treated by society. Think your character is an all-knowing, all-loved Samurai, who worked his way to the top ranks at the mere age of fifteen? Nu-uh.


Daimyo - the nobility, the highest ranked peeps out there, the cream of the crop, the rich @$$holes. Okay, many daimyos were revered as the greatest leaders... ever, but, they weren't exactly showering the world with peace and prosperity. More like war, war, and a little technological advances here and there.

(War) Lords - Basically, Samurai with distinction.

Samurai - the military nobility. The word 'samurai' is derived from the Japanese verb 'saburau' meaning 'to serve', a samurai is the servant of a lord. Here, I just copied whatever they put down, anyway. =P Just remember, samurai were feared, they only served their Lord and those of a much higher rank (unless they went AWOL on them).

Ronin - samurai that couldn't keep up to their Master's expectations, deserted their rank, killed their master, yadda yadda.They weren’t loved much at all by the people, and were generally looked down upon. To gain back their honor, they would kill themself by cutting open their stomach.

Swords Master - No, not the dude with the spiky hairdo and big sword. These are the master-minds behind the swords. They had their own apprentices that clung onto them like shadows, and everything! It takes years to become one, and it's only three (not so easy) steps! The ‘apprentice,’ the ‘journeyman,’ and the ‘master.’

Want to learn more; look it up yourself just ask. If you'd like your character to be any of these things, or something else, put it in your application.

The Time:
The time was 1185 to 1868, the years of Feudal era, and pre-industrial Japan. Guns were beginning to take a place in society, and were taking the place of a sword on a warriors back. The biggest problem that was rising at this time was in-family feuds. And, a lack of doctor's made living for the 'less fortunate' very hard.

Will add more when I'm not lazy. =D

Yes, yes, it will actually start very soon. =D;

How your character will interact with others, and how they will make a contribution to the storyline, all goes on the main comm. We'll post a sort of 'chapter' that will either begin a certain day, talk about how that character contributed to a certain event.... so on and so forth.

Basically, a post comes up that your character might be part of, he'll comment on it. Very simple.

This will be updated whenever something new comes up.

From: derlebendeengel
2006-08-22 07:22 pm (UTC)
Sounds good ^.^ Thank you for taking care of the comm while I was gone... I finally have my internet problems worked out, so everything is green! Let's start as soon as possible!
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[User Picture]From: angel_of_guns
2006-08-22 10:50 pm (UTC)
The post that comes up is the post where all the people that were chosen for that post Writes their RP and stuff right.
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