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Naruto fans only!

Just kidding!

Naruto RP!
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This is a Naruto RP, but with a little twist! It's set in the Feudal Era. The time of back-stabbing, wars, and family quarrels. Why, yes, that does call for a whole mess of weird things to happen.

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I know we hate rules, but here are a few!

1. Please keep cursing to a minimum...

3. If you pick a character, stay with it!

4. OC's are allowed.

5. LJ accounts specifically for your characters are not needed, but if you want to, by all means, go for it.

6. No character bashing please! If you don't like a certain character, please keep it to yourself, elsewise you will be banned.

7. "dont tlk like thiis." I's are capatilized, 'are' as in "Are you sleeping?" is NOT spelled 'r.' There is a little thing called Spell Check that will spell out the words you're not quite sure on, correctly. Use it. Please.

Also, please, even if OC is allowed, no godmodding. That means, don't give lil' Karla the Killer every forbidden jutsu known to man-kind and four forbidden swords of the ancient kind. Or, don't use anothers character without the owners consent.

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Found that your character is free? Read all of the rules? Ready to get role-playing? Well, pick a character and do your thing~! Just remember to look at the list below to check the character you want hasn't been taken.

Apply Here

Some things you might want to read up on first.

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Aburame Shino : played by koumori_chan


Akiyama Yumi : played by derlebendeengel

Hyuuga Hisa : played by derlebendeengel

Juki : played by angel_of_guns

The Moderator for this Community is derlebendeengel

If you have any suggestions/questions, let us know! Have fun!


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